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    Paper Apple Tray Making Machine

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Paper Fruit Container Machinery

SHM paper pulp apple tray making machine is a custom pulp molding machine, which makes fruit trays from waste paper. If you want to build an automatic paper pulp fruit tray making plant for paper fruit tray manufacturing, SHM could provide you best eco-friendly packaging solutions and show you paper fruit tray apple tray manufacturing process.

The apple tray making machine can use all kinds of waste paper to produce high quality molded fiber tray products. Such as egg trays, egg boxes, apple trays, fiber molded package for fruit and veg packaging.

SHM provide high quality paper fruit container machinery, we accept customized pulp molding shape and production line such pulp packaging machinery, paper pulp molding machines,container bowl making machine. 

Looking for a custom product, SHM offer prototype tooling in our work shop. With our sample machine we can produce in-house samples for product trials. This will ensure the product your customer needs is what they get.


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Pulp Moulding Machine for Industrial Product Packaging

1. High precision,high stability;

2. Two hot pressing platen with one forming platen design, improve efficiency;

3. Off-line auto trimming, more stable;

4. Position, pressure and temperature can be adjusted accurately.


How to Choose A Pulp Moulding Machine for Industrial Product Packaging?

Pulp Moulding Machine for Industrial Product Packaging:

Platen Size: 1150mm*1150mm or 920 x 920 mm or 1250mm*1600mm

1 Forming plus 2 Hot pressing 

The process of shaping liquid pulp material by using a rigid structure generally known as  pulp molds and automatic pulp molding production technology . Plant pulp sheet can be transferred into any desired shape using a mold of that shape. The molding process is applied when a certain shape of the object is to be produced in large quantities.

Wet Pressing Packaging

Raw material: Bagasse/bamboo/straw pulp sheet, or other natural plant fiber; 

Surface finish: One side is very smooth, the other side has texture or smooth too.

Application: Suitable for high quality degradable pulp tableware, high end cosmetic trays/boxes, electronics trays, or other high end pulp molding packaging. 

Suitable pulp molding machine: Pulp molding tableware machine, high end industrial packaging molded pulp machine, with forming and hot pressing together, drying in the mold when hot pressing.

Dry Pressing Packaging

Raw material: Recycled paper,newspaper, books,carton box, or natural plant fiber;

Surface finish: One side is very smooth, the other side is rough.

Application: Suitable for lower price packaging like pulp molded egg trays,pulp paper cup holder tray,biodegradable nursery tray,cheap protective packaging for electronics.

Suitable pulp molding machine: Rotary or reciprocating egg tray machine, large quantity products drying by metal drying line, or small quantity paper pulp products natural drying on shelves,  


- Stability of Control System

All systems involved in the paper pulp production process are closely linked with each other. Pulp moulding machinery systems work automatically as per the operational settings. Therefore, a steady and durable control system is needed to make sure that each process is performed accurately and simultaneously.

- Qualification Rate

Qualification rates directly reflect the productivity of the machine and also the working state of the molded pulp packaging machinery. To manufacture efficient and up to the mark products, the mold should be clean, perfect in size and shape, and should be robust and sturdy. So you can get good quality degradable molded paper packaging.

- Safety, Maintainability & Operability

Safety is an essential thing in the molding process. There are special training given to the workers working on the molding machines. Pulp molding machines need to be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain their operational efficiency.


Find a qualified pulp molding tableware machine manufacturer.

You can find many pulp machines/paper pulp machinery and then compare price. But do not rely on the price only, quality and service are more important for a big project. Especially when you buy a customized pulp moulding machine, you need to find an experienced manufacturer.

SHM technical team has almost 30 years experience in pulp molding industry. SHM researched and developed fully automated complete pulp molding equipment (pulp machine/paper pulp Machinery/pulp molding equipment). With low energy consumption and long operational hours as basis. Our biodegradable product range from food packaging, industrial product packaging, pulp machines to mechanical equipment manufacturing.

Multiple Applications: molded paper pulp packaging/molded fiber packaging/molded fiber packaging.

How long will it take from order to ship?

The estimated production time will be around 120 days,but finally depends on the number of equipment purchased, from the receipt of order, deposit payment or L/C. 

Do you send engineers to install a fiber molded tableware production line?

SHM will arrange 1-2 people as guide installers, customer arrange installers. It usually take 60-90 days that depends on the number of equipment purchased.



Mold raw material: Aluminum.

Cast aluminum are highly recommended for both forming and transfer mould. Compared with other material, cast aluminum mould character :

with higher corrosion resistance, proper strength, hardness and heat endurance

have better durability;featured with better machine, which will shorten tooling cycle;

widely used in molded pulp industry;

surface is polished and proceed machining with CNC’s ensure precision.

Please leave your information here to get a customized solutions, we'll reply in 24 hours.


Why choose SHM?

Advantages includes:

SHM is a global supplier of high-quality molded fiber packaging production lines, we provide sustainable and innovative solutions for the food service and packaging market. 

In 1989, the founder of the company Mr Chao started his work at pulp molding industry, and holds a number of pulp molding patents. 

In 2007, SHM was established.

In 2014, SHM participated in the formulation of industry standards for pulp molding in China.    

Automatic pulp molding equipment factory direct, SHM team pay great importance to quality;

Approvals from Top 5 USA packaging companies;

Have CE and ISO9001 certificates;

SHM owns 40+patents for fiber molded machines.




1. Engineering research and technical consultation;

2. Manufacture;

3. Project Schedule;

4. Preparation of documents and drawings; 

5. Training of maintenance and operation personnel; 

6. Guide Assembly line installation; 

7. Electrical and mechanical design;

8. System integration; 

9. System test and handover; 

10. One year of after-sales support; 

11. Spare parts are included; 

12. Installation within the scope of supply;

13 Operation support for the buyer’s factory;

14. System test after equipment delivery;

15. Documentation of assemble line.



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