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How Does A Rotary Egg Tray Machine Work?
2022-09-01 19:51:12

In general, an egg tray production line converts waste paper, from cardboard to newspaper, into various paper trays. A complete production line starts with a pulp making machine, throughout a pulp moulding machine, to a drying and packing system. While the rotary molding machine is the most important equipment. It looks like a large drum so that someone also calls it as drum-type egg tray machine. Taking 8-sided egg tray making machine as an example, there are 8 sides of forming molds, which keep spinning and being filled with the prepared pulp. When the forming molds move to the transfer mold, the wet paper trays will be demolded. Meanwhile, the cleaning system will flush the residuals on the forming molds quickly. As we can see, this entire process is of high continuity. That’s why the operating speed is much higher. 

How Does A Rotary Egg Tray Machine Work?

From the same unit, you can also produce fruit trays for horticulture produce like apples, orange, etc, and also egg cartons or egg boxes. Egg Trays are often called filler trays and usually have 30 pockets i.e., they hold 30 eggs. Eggs are either sold uncovered in the tray or wrapped with plastic film.

You can also produce flat-top, egg cartons in attractive colors and designs. Apple Trays of different varieties have been developed with 20, 25, 30, 35, cavities. Trays with different numbers and sizes of cavities suiting the packaging requirements can be manufactured by using a standard set of molds. In conclusion, you can produce another product like biodegradable plant pots.

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