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    Rice seedling tray making machine

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Rice seedling tray making machine

SHM has established two large-capacity rice growing tray production lines in China, with each rice seedling tray making machine line capable of producing 5 million pieces per year. These paddy rice seedling trays are manufactured using a pulp molded fiber tray method.

The primary objective of these trays is to address the challenges associated with large-scale excavation of the cultivated layer soil for rice seedling cultivation and the resulting damage to the cultivated layer. To achieve this, agricultural and forestry waste materials such as straw, mushroom fungus husk, rice husk, and biogas residue are industrially processed to undergo rapid maturation. This industrialization process enhances the nutritional value and disease prevention capabilities of these waste materials. Additionally, a weeding formula is incorporated into the process to create a novel "soilless seedling substrate."

The "seedling substrate" serves as a replacement for traditional soil and is specifically designed for seedling and cultivation of rice and other crops. This project holds significant importance in protecting cultivated soil, effectively utilizing waste resources, improving crop planting methods, and reducing environmental pollution.

By utilizing these paddy rice seedling trays and the soilless seedling substrate, farmers can adopt a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to rice cultivation. This innovation minimizes the negative impact on the cultivated soil while providing crops with a nutritious and disease-free growing medium.

Overall, SHM's establishment of these rice growing tray production lines and their focus on using the soilless seedling substrate demonstrates a commitment to advancing agricultural practices, protecting the environment, and enhancing crop cultivation methods.


Scientific research test platform

1. The integrated system has the characteristics of easy learning, easy use, easy maintenance and convenient installation, and can build a reliable and effective production / scientific research system in a short time.

2. It is applicable to customers who use the product for their own use, with less investment, low follow-up maintenance cost and large income. The integrated model does not need other infrastructure, such as slurry tank, plant, etc., which reduces other inputs of customers.

3. It is applicable to R & D projects, advanced control modes such as PLC control, color screen man-machine dialogue interface and touch operation. At the same time, it is also designed with manual control circuit design mode.


1. PLC control the forming machine with automatic high pressure cleaning mold device

2. All bearings in the production line adopt NSK brand bearings imported from Japan.

3. The sliding track uses ABB brand.

4. All electrical parts in the production line are based on the German Siemens brand.

5.Using the clean energy to dry products.



In last year, we have set up two big capacity rice growing tray production line in China. Their capacity are 500 million pcs per year each one. This new molded pulp product is aimed at the large-scale excavation of cultivated layer soil for rice seedling cultivation, and the severe damage of the cultivated layer. 



The agricultural and forestry wastes such as straw, mushroom fungus husk, rice husk, and biogas residue are rapidly matured through industrialization, giving a full set of nutrition, disease prevention, Weeding formula, made into a new brand-new "soilless seedling substrate". The "seedling substrate" can replace soil and is used for seedling and cultivation of rice and other crops. The project is of great significance for protecting cultivated soil, effectively using waste resources, improving crop planting methods, and reducing environmental pollution.



Why choose SHM?

Why choose SHM?

SHM is a global supplier of high-quality molded fiber packaging production lines, we provide sustainable and innovative solutions for the food service and packaging market. 

In 1989, the founder of the company Mr Chao started his work at pulp molding industry, and holds a number of pulp molding patents. 

In 2007, SHM was established.

In 2014, SHM participated in the formulation of industry standards for pulp molding in China.    

Automatic pulp molding equipment factory direct, SHM team pay great importance to quality;

Approvals from Top 5 USA packaging companies;

Have CE and ISO9001 certificates;

SHM owns 40+patents for fiber molded machines.



Service Ability

1. Engineering research and technical consultation;

2. Manufacture;

3. Project Schedule;

4. Preparation of documents and drawings; 

5. Training of maintenance and operation personnel; 

6. Guide Assembly line installation; 

7. Electrical and mechanical design;

8. System integration; 

9. System test and handover; 

10. One year of after-sales support; 

11. Spare parts are included; 

12. Installation within the scope of supply;

13 Operation support for the buyer’s factory;

14. System test after equipment delivery;

15. Documentation of assemble line.





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